10 Things to Do in Los Feliz, California

10 Things to Do in Los Feliz, California

Los Feliz is a Los Angeles neighborhood in East Hollywood with a charming, eclectic character, lively artist vibe, shopping, dining, and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.
If you’re considering buying a home in or near Los Feliz, this guide can help you explore your new neighborhood, from Griffith Park’s hiking trails and picturesque knolls to some of the best eateries Los Angeles has to offer.

Best Places to Eat in Los Feliz

The hip and healthy lifestyle many Los Feliz residents adhere to provides an eclectic mix of culinary delights. Thai Town, a six-block subset of East Hollywood adjacent to Los Feliz, was officially designated in 1999 and recognized as the world’s only Thai Town. The area houses some of the city’s best restaurants. Get classic Thai staples at Pa Ord Noodle or the Rodded Restaurant, known for its roast duck.
The heart of Los Feliz also has plenty of places to enjoy a good meal. Little Dom’s, located in downtown Los Feliz on what is known as one of LA’s most pedestrian-friendly streets, offers classic American fare by Chef Brandon Boudet, along with a fabulous brunch menu.

Best Places for Desserts and Coffee in Los Feliz

While any one of the fabulous Los Feliz restaurants also can serve up a tasty dessert, sometimes it’s nice to take a stroll and enjoy some treats. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is a nationwide chain headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, with 40 locations nationwide. The overall mission and vision of Jeni’s is at home in Los Angeles, with a focus on sustainability and high-quality, natural ingredients. As a certified B Corporation, Jeni’s is committed to producing zero waste in their ice cream shops and sources compostable bowls, spoons and napkins. Unique flavors, along with a dairy-free line, further sets Jeni’s apart.
Friends & Family Bakery on Hollywood Boulevard is more than just a bakery or seasonal marketplace. The cafe offers a full breakfast and lunch menu and locally sourced pastries and baked goods.
Finally, if you’re in the mood for a good cup of coffee, stop at Maru Coffee on Hillhurst Avenue. With just two locations in California, these exclusive roasters put all their heart and energy into producing an excellent cup of coffee – and locals say they do not disappoint.

Hike or Relax in Griffith Park

Griffith Park is, perhaps, one of the most well-known locales for recreation in Los Feliz, a wilderness getaway tucked in urban L.A. The edge of the Santa Monica Mountain Range gives this 4,210-acre park a picturesque appearance not seen anywhere else in the U.S. Elevations rise to 1,625 feet above sea level, affording fabulous views of the Los Angeles area.
Griffith Park is home to plenty of tourist attractions and things to do, including the Los Angeles Zoo, the Autry Museum of the American West and the Griffith Observatory. Of course, as with any park, the area offers plenty of hiking and horseback riding trails, along with picnic areas in a natural setting.

More Things to Do at Griffith Park

Griffith Park is also home to the Vermont Canyon Tennis Court, an idyllic epicenter of athletic activity. The low rock walls, pine trees and breathtaking views can make any player, even the ripest of beginners playing with a borrowed racket, feel like a superstar.
Across from the tennis courts sits the historic Greek Theatre, an open-air amphitheater that advertises the opportunity “To play, see, and be among the stars,” with stars having a double meaning thanks to the East Hollywood location. While many events through summer 2021 have been postponed due to COVID-19, the theater is still providing drive-in shows accommodating up to 200 cars.

Entertainment in Los Feliz

Although live performances are currently on hold due to Covid-19, the historic Hollywood Bowl is gearing up for its 100th anniversary in 2022. Home to the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and managed by the LA Phil, the Bowl has hosted musical greats from Ella Fitzgerald to The Beatles on its recognizable stage. If you move to the area, you can look forward to many future concerts at the Bowl.
The Upright Citizens Brigade on Sunset Boulevard, known to locals as just UCB, brings together improv stars and comedic geniuses on the UCB stage, while at the same time training students in improv and sketch comedy in the only accredited school of its kind in the U.S. Once you’re a local in the neighborhood, you’ll definitely want to set aside time to stop in for a laugh.

Art and Architecture in Los Feliz

Given the neighborhood’s historic yet artsy vibe, it’s not surprising that the area is home to two Frank Lloyd Wright homes: the Sowden House and the Hollyhock House on Olive Hill. Originally designed as an artists’ colony, the Hollyhock House is a National Historic Landmark and is normally open to the public as an art museum and historic site.
As a local or visitor, during a pandemic or not, there is always plenty to do in Los Feliz. Whether you’re enjoying outdoor dining or hiking Griffith Park, you can enjoy the best of Los Angeles arts and culture, mild temperatures, and a walkable downtown area.
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