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Peter’s foundation for success centers around intentional goal setting and relentless action to accomplish those goals. Growing up in Sweden, Peter was exposed to both sales and the world of Martial Arts from a very early age by his Father, who was both his coach and mentor. His experience in Martial Arts instilled in Peter a belief that hard work, training, commitment, and persistence would lead to a life of happiness and success. Peter worked tirelessly to grow in this arena and ultimately accomplished his goal of becoming a World Medalist in Karate.
Shortly after this incredible accomplishment, Peter made the move to the U.S. to further pursue a career in luxury real estate sales. In his real estate career, Peter continues to rely on the beliefs and practices that led him to accomplish his goal in Martial Arts, however, his goals have now become the goals of his clients. His passion for learning and relentless drive make him a valuable member of The Suarez Team and have resulted in continuous praise from his clients, for whom he continues to exceed their expectations and go the extra mile.
Outside of the professional arena, Peter is the founder of the I Love Success podcast which he started four years ago and has accumulated over 150 sessions with some of the most accomplished, disciplined, and inspiring individuals in the world including Olympic Medalists, leading Real Estate Entrepreneur’s, top ranking UFC champions, Doctors and thought leaders! Peter hopes to not only learn from the awe-inspiring individuals he meets through this endeavor but has set a goal of helping at least 10 million people in 10 years to achieve their goals as well.
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