researched the hottest markets and here they are! B Los Angeles is among them along with some surprising markets! B Take a look below for more information on the rankings!

Here They Are: The Top 20 Markets for June

The overall residential housing market is heating up this summer, but a markets in a few cities across the country are in a league of their own, notes Jonathan Smoke, chief economist. research team identified the hottest markets by factoring in which ones had the most views per listing on its website and saw the quickest inventory movement. In these markets, homes are selling 20 to 38 days faster than the rest of the U.S.
Once again, California dominates this monthbs list, but eight other states are also represented (Texas, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Washington, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire). Seasonality is a big factor in this monthbs rankings, Smoke notes.
bThis is a peak time for people to be buying vacation homes in Michigan, because the weather is perfect,b Smoke says. bCalifornia markets tend to be fairly consistentbwe donbt see huge changes.b