This week Snapchat is expected to go public. If things go according to plan, stocks will be priced at $14-$16/share and the company will be valued at around $20 billion, making this the biggest U.S.-based tech IPO since Facebook went public in 2012.
The results, among others, will be a slew of new millionaires ready to snap up real estate in Los Angeles.
While Google first opened office space in the Frank Gehry Binoculars Building on Venicebs Main Street in 2011 and Snap started operating out of a nearby beach bungalow in 2013, today, both companies have spread out into additional office space and nearby neighborhoods. They now work alongside other tech giants like IMAX and Sony Playstation, as well as startups like DogVacay and Dollar Shave Club. The concentration of these businesses in the beachside (and nearby) communities of Venice, Playa Vista and Culver City have earned this area a catchy title: Silicon Beach.
And just as Silicon Valley activity has driven up residential real estate prices in and around San Francisco for the past few decades, Silicon Beach is now having the same effect on the Westside of L.A., resulting in steep price increases in several communities, plus a new development meant to support the influx of wealthy workers.
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