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The Suarez Difference

What the Average Agent Does: 

- Install For Sale Sign
- Post Property to MLS
- Create and Print Flyers
- Wait for Calls & Offers
- Wonder What’s Going On
- Reduce Property Price

Experience The Suarez Difference Below! 

We know how important the decision to choose the right agent and team to list your home is. We have made it even easier for you by preparing an interview questions for you to utilize while interviewing us and other agents. Click Below! 


Dedicated Property Website

According to the National Association of Realtors, 98% of all buyers search the internet for properties before purchasing. The Suarez Team is a dominant online presence with a combination of innovative marketing and strategic outreach, providing your home with unmatched exposure to buyers worldwide, including the following top real estate websites

Video Tours

We believe one of the best ways to capture prospective home buyers is to create cutting-edge content for engagement. The Suarez Team brings clients the most innovative film design in the industry, using aerial footage, talent, script writing, and the most talented videographers around. Our films focus on the premium amenities that properties offer with an exclusive inside look at the home - leaving prospective buyers craving more. All Suarez Team films are posted to our website, featured on our e-blasts, social media platforms, digital advertising, and The Suarez Team YouTube channel, where subscribers can search for videos of property listings, communities, agent videos, and more.


3D Tours

The real estate world is ever-changing and so is our strategy to attract buyers for your home. The Suarez Team is continuing to do what we do best, and that is to market your home to every potential buyer who may want to buy your home. We utilize the best technology available, using Matterport to revolutionize our 3D Virtual Tours of all properties we put on the market. Buyers can walk through every room in your home, making it feel like they are really there, walking through it in person.


The weekly - Suarez News

The Weekly - Suarez News" is a personalized tool to market and sell your home. As our esteemed client, your property takes the spotlight in our weekly email newsletter, featuring a thoughtfully curated selection of premium listings and market insights customized for your property's target audience. Gain a competitive edge in selling your home with valuable insights, connect with potential buyers, and keep them informed about exclusive opportunities, all effortlessly delivered to their inboxes. It's a powerful resource designed to drive the successful sale of your property.


Social Media

The Suarez Team leverages the immense power of social media platforms to expertly market clients' homes, employing targeted strategies that maximize visibility and engagement. Through strategic content creation, visually compelling posts, and precise audience targeting, we amplify property listings, ensuring a wider reach and heightened interest in the real estate market, ultimately driving successful sales and exceeding client expectations.


Paid Media & Publications

At The Suarez Team, our commitment to unparalleled exposure for our clients' homes is exemplified through our 'Paid Media & Publications' division. We seamlessly integrate cutting-edge marketing strategies by publishing every property on esteemed platforms such as WSJ, NYT, Market Report, and Mansion Global. Complementing this, our dedicated team conducts targeted paid media campaigns for each listing, ensuring maximum visibility and attracting the right audience for optimal results in the competitive real estate market.

Personalized Data & Analytics

Data and analytics play a critical role in marketing a client's home by ensuring precise pricing, targeted marketing, competitive positioning, and an efficient and personalized approach to reach potential buyers. This data-driven approach can significantly improve the chances of selling the property quickly and at the best possible price.
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