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Iselin is a highly dedicated real estate professional with a background rooted in Bergen, Norway. Her journey in real estate began with a bold move from Norway's majestic fjords to the vibrant cityscape of Los Angeles at the age of 21. This transition marked the beginning of her remarkable career in the challenging yet rewarding Los Angeles real estate market.

Equipped with experience of buying and selling her personal properties, Iselin is poised to take her career to new heights, tackling complex challenges with a strategic and innovative approach. Her expertise is complemented by a solid foundation in office administration, where she honed her organizational skills and attention to detail. This skill set ensures her clients enjoy a seamless and highly personalized real estate experience.

Iselin's approach to real estate is shaped by her resilience and ambition. She thrives in the face of challenges, viewing them as opportunities to grow and excel. Her unique perspective and unwavering determination to surpass client expectations distinguish her in a competitive field.

As a devoted mother of two, Iselin has a deep understanding of the importance of finding a home that meets the unique needs of each family. Her experiences as a parent have not only enhanced her problem-solving skills but also enriched her ability to empathize with clients' diverse requirements.

Iselin's ability to effectively communicate and connect with her network grants her a distinct edge in the industry. She excels in building enduring relationships, fueled by her dynamic and engaging personality, which is integral to her professional ethos.

Outside the realm of real estate, Iselin is a passionate fitness enthusiast. Her commitment to fitness, encompassing activities like resistance training, boxing, and jump rope, mirrors the discipline and dedication she brings to her real estate practice. Her love for the outdoors and the Scandinavian way of life further enriches her perspective, offering a unique lens through which she views and understands real estate. This connection to nature and a healthy lifestyle adds depth to her approach, making her a well-rounded and insightful real estate advisor.

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