Between the homes we see on a daily basis and speaking with our clients about what it is they look for in an ideal home, we truly are tapped in to what the latest trends are for our market and love sharing tips for updating your home and putting your money in the most effective places! B If you ever need guidanceB we are always a phone call away! In the mean time though take a look at this article by on the 7 things you can do to upgrade your bathroom whileB using your money the most effectively!

7 Bathroom Renovations That Really Pay Off

bathroom double vanity

Letbs get real: TheB first room you stumbleB into in the morningbbleary-eyed, dazed, and yawningbshould be a soothing oasis. A bathroom that achieves those lofty heights? Thatbs a bathroom you can love. Thatbs why theseB most special of rooms are second only to kitchens as the areas homeowners eagerly spend time and moneyB renovatingband that catch a buyerbs eye whenB youbre trying to sell.
ButB exactly whichB upgrades are the best, in terms of both usefulness and return on investment? Before you go nutsB installing saunas and rain shower heads, check out this second installment in our seriesB Renovations That Really Pay Off,B for some smarterB tweaksB youbll be very glad you made.

Reglaze, donbt replace, the tub

bNo, no, nobdo not put in a new tub,b saysB Rebecca Knaster, associate broker with ManhattanbsB William Raveis. bItbll cost thousands between the tub and the installation.b Instead, have the tub reglazed for baround $1,500,b which will make it look brand new.
Matt Plaskoff, founder of One Week Bath, agrees that ifB the showerB area bis in decent shape,b itbs best to concentrate on the front part of the bathroom, which bsets the tone for the space.bB

Invest in a new sink

Face washing, teeth brushing, gerbilB bathingbyour sink sees a lot of use. Itbs also the very first thingB a buyer notices in a bathroom, saysB Knaster.

“Step 1B forB getting the mostB bang for your buck is a new contemporary sink,b she says. bItB will set you backB a few hundred dollars and make all the difference.b

Just note whether theB sink you already have is an undermount (where the edge is below the countertop to create an uninterrupted surface)B or overmountB (where the sink lip comes up over the countertop), saysB interior designer Randal Weeks, founder of Aidan Gray Home.

An undermount can be difficult to removeB unless itbs under a formica top. If the sink is adhered to the surface, the top will also have to go,B which quickly drives up the cost. One easy and dramatic sink upgradeB Weeks recommends is replacing separate hot and cold faucetsB with aB sleek single-handle faucet that starts at $70.

Go for timeless tile

While natural stone is hot, Weeks prefersB neutral styles that will appeal to a broader range of people and provide better return on investment. Pricey stones are taste-specific, he notes, and can give a busy look thatbs a turnoffB regardless of expense.

In fact, Weeks says one of theB biggest issues buyers considerB when making offers is the cost of redoing other peoplebs bbad choices.b So go for crowd-pleasing features such asB bright whiteB subway tiles, which run a mere 21 cents each. The payoff?

bYou can add $10,000 of value to your home by selecting timeless elements that wonbt date it.bB

Upgrade your lighting

Itbs not just Snow Whitebs evil stepmother and the Kardashians who spend lots of time staringB into the mirror on the bathroom wall. For most of us,B lighting and lighting fixtures are critical elements.

bDated light fixtures are a turnoff,b says Knaster. bFor no more than $100 you can buy aB basic but nice bathroom light fixture.b

Install a doubleB vanity

The last thing you need in the morning is a battle with your partner over who gets the sink. Itbs no wonder bIbm looking for a double vanityb is one of the most common things heard byB Will Johnson,B a Hendersonville, TN, real estate agent and founder of the Sell and Stage Team.

AB double vanity typically costs between $200 and $800, with installation falling around $220, Johnson saysband itbs aB wiseB investment. Johnson has clients who bwonbt buy a house simply because therebs only one sink in the master bathroom!b

Swap in new fixtures

bOld materials such as bronze can instantly date your bathroom,b says Johnson. To knock out thisB easy DIY update, simply purchase new door handles, drawer pulls, and towel bars. A niceB chrome drawer pullB can cost as little as $3, while a towel bar canaverageB $30.B

Get a water-savingB toilet

Old toilets use 6B gallons of water per flush, gobbling up about 30%B of all residential water in U.S. homes. Go green when you swap out your throne. New WaterSense modelsB using only 1.28 gallons per flush (e.g.,B TOTObs Carlyle II 1G toilet) conserve up to 18,000 gallons of water annually. The initial cost of $974 will shaveB more thanB $110 per year off aB water billB and add up toB almost $2,200 over the lifetime of the toilet. Bonus: The latest water-saving thrones actually work.

But skip the bidetB

BidetsB may be considered the Rolls-Royce of toiletB upgrades, but most bathrooms simply donbtB have room for them. Whatbs worse: Most Americans have no idea what on Earth these things areB and may even be weirded outB B by them.

bMy personal opinion is that our society is not accustomed to this practice and doesnbt see the extra value in them,b says Tracy Kay Griffin, an expert designer at Express HomebuyersB inB Springfield, VA.B bWe havenbt renovated a home yet where we thought it would be a good investment to add a bidet.b Just say nay to the bidet.