VIDEO b Buyers Step 5 b Closing the Sale

There is nothing more awesome than taking ownership of your new dream home. But before you do that, you better loosen up your writing hand. Did someone say paperwork? Watch this quick video by to findB out what goes into the closing process.  

VIDEO b Buyers Step 4 b The Offer

Youbve found the home of your dreams. Now youbre ready to put in an offer. What does an offer consist of? Watch this quick video by to find out.  

VIDEO b Buyers Step 3 b The Search

Youbre really doing it! You know what you can afford and youbve got your pre-approval letter. Hooray. Before you buy the home of your dreams, youbve got to find it first. Watch this quick video by featuring Elizabeth Banks to find out what The Mythical Home Search involves.  

VIDEO: Buyers Step 2 b Mortgage Lending 101

Unless you have a boatload of cash under your mattress, buying a home usually costs more money than you currently have. SoB youbll need a competitively-priced loan. Watch this quick and funny video by featuring Elizabeth Banks to learn more aboutB mortgage lending and why it is important to getB pre-approved.